What Are The Causes Of Premature Ejaculation?

Chere up! Get some help and beat pe for good

While many men will try to deny it, premature ejaculation is indeed a common condition for many men worldwide. In fact, a recent survey carried out revealed that one in every four men in the world suffers from this largely underestimated condition. Premature ejaculation has caused the breakage of many marriages and relationships simply because of the lack of sexual satisfaction by both parties as the man can not last long enough in bed. However there are numerous treatments methods that can put an end to this condition discussed at the popular Longer Lasting Lovers site which you can check out here. They also have a great test which you can complete that gives you a accurate indication of exactly how severe your premature ejaculation symptoms are.

Premature Ejaculation causes

Premature ejaculation is a condition whereby the man ejaculates shortly after or even before ejaculation without his will or expectation. This means that the man can not have sex for a longer time enough to satisfy the other partner. Although the real cause for this condition is yet to be found out, scientists have come up with some factors that they speculate are the main premature ejaculation causes. The causes are divided in to two, which are biological and psychological factors.

Biological factors

  1. i. Infection of the urethra
  2. Thyroid glands complication
  3. Abnormal reflex activity of the man’s ejaculation system
  4. Abnormal levels of neurotransmitters which are brain chemicals (These work to heighten the senses such that you are incapable of controlling yourself).
  5. Genetically influenced factors

Psychological factors

1. Nervousness

Men who are nervous maybe because that are eager to please their partners or are afraid that they will not perform as per expectations tend to have premature ejaculations owing to the mental pressure that the put themselves under.

2. Relationship Problems

These may also cause premature ejaculation in cases where the man is stressed out about the relationship. In cases where the man has had previous relationships without having this condition and only experienced it in the current relationship then this points out that it is the relationship causing the condition.

The above are premature ejaculation causes; or rather what are thought to be the causes, either way there are ways of controlling or treating this condition to ensure that you last longer in bed with your partner. Of course, the treatment varies depending on the category it falls under. In the case that you condition is mainly caused by the psychological factors, then it is best to visit a therapist or in mild cases have a heart to heart talk with your partner so that you can get rid of the nervousness and stress in bed.

However, if your premature ejaculation cause if biological you can use any of the methods below to treat the condition.

Treating premature ejaculation

Use of “long love” condoms

These were specifically designed for men with premature ejaculation issues and also contain chemicals that dampen the sensation of the penis allowing you to last longer before ejaculating. This also has lesser irritation on the vagina of your partner.

Stop and start technique

In this case, stimulation of the penis continues until when you are almost ejaculating, you stop for 30 seconds then resume.

Premature ejaculation exercises guide

A premature ejaculation treatment program can help you last longer in bed

Probably the best way to go is you are serious about beating premature ejaculation for good is to get your hands on a full program with a range of premature ejaculation exercises you can complete to build stamina.

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